Clothing resale thrift store vintage Bargain Box of Wilmington


Bargain Box depends upon donations of gently used clothing and household goods from the public. We practice effective recycling of all items donated, from valuable antiques to rags and buttons, in a clean, respectful boutique environment. Most of our donations are sold in the store and some are put in a large bin of free clothing available behind the store during store hours, and the rest is given to other programs that help clothe and care for the poor. We also provide jobs and training to hard-to-employ area residents transitioning from prison, homelessness, and abuse recovery. Our profits are returned to the community through various grants to existing

service organizations.

“If we share what we have, we will all have enough”


The Bargain Box of Wilmington, operated under the aegis of the Church of the Servant, Episcopal, is a resale thrift store established to serve the community by offering low cost quality merchandise, providing jobs and training for area residents, utilizing responsible recycling of used goods and providing financial support to nonprofit community organizations through direct funding and grants.


The Bargain Box addresses needs of the poor, the homeless, the unemployed and families in crisis. We clothe the poor by providing free or low cost clothing and household goods at the store, through our “free bin,” Bargain Bucks, and by distributing free clothing through social service agencies that house and feed the poor. Bargain Box gives large quantities of clothing and other goods to specific established ministries all over the world. Half of our annual profit distribution is given to Good Shepherd Center, a local organization serving the homeless. The other half is available for any non-profit to request grants. Learn more or download a grant application here.


In 2000, Bargain Box was founded as part of Church of the Servant’s community outreach to the poor and homeless in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Since then, Bargain Box has worked

with over 100 different social service agencies and nonprofits:

  • $59,000 in grants given to Good Shepherd Center’s ministry for the homeless

  • $86,000 in Bargain Bucks vouchers distributed to partner agencies

  • Almost 14 tons of clothing was distributed to three partner agencies between 2005 and 2017

  • $104,500 from net proceeds granted to local non-profit organizations

"I have traveled all over the world, always seeking out resale shops to experience things that are not available in any other venue. This store has the most phenomenal collection I have ever seen. So well presented, so well taken care of – beautiful."

Susan W.